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The country name ‘Nepal’ is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit word nipalaya, which means ‘at the foot of the Himalaya Mountains’. Also the word Nepal is believed to be related to Tibetan word niyampal, which means ‘Holy Land’. And a much broader meaning of Nepal can be as a country of natural beauty, home of legendary Gorkhas, the only country having the highest land on earth – Mt. Everest, called Sagarmatha in Nepali. It contains more than 240 peaks over 20,000 ft (6,096 m) above sea level. It is also known as a home of peace loving Lord Buddha, and Hindu Goddess, Sita. Nepal is a country where over 100 spoken languages are found and over 70 different ethnic groups are living in harmony having their own unique traditions, customs and culture. is our effort to introduce and promote Nepal’s hidden beauty, its world class heritage sites, colorful art and culture, people and places and wonderful landscape through photography. We are sure that every visitor can experience real Nepal through this website. This idea to explore and expand hidden beauty of Nepal throughout the world came into our mind in the year 2007. Then, we two friends, Prashanta Shrestha and Vishow Vijaya Khanal with utmost determination and commitment started

Contents of is Nepal’s largest photo gallery which contents the images that represents real Nepal. It also includes free online photo magazine, monthly photo competition, regular articles and stories to promote Nepal’s hidden beauty. When you are on a particular section, make sure to visit other sections to discover related content, also make use of the site map which lists almost entire content of this site.

Articles section offers you the general information about places, peoples, regions, guide to Nepal and many more. Here you can learn about the country and people. Also you can find out what you can do in this country as a traveler and learn about popular tourism destinations in the country. Article section is divided into many parts namely like places information, article about people, article about wildlife, art, culture, adventures, etc. This Section is regularly updated so you can visit regularly to find out more information about Nepal.

Photo Gallery
Photo gallery section has a variety of pictures of places and regions, people, art and culture, nature and environment, sports and adventures and many more. From our site, visitors can easily explore beauty of Nepal; they can get every type of images of Nepal which are the work of professional photographers.

Guest Photos
This section contains the photographs submitted by our website visitors. runs a photography competition in monthly basis. A winner is selected every month from the participants. provides prizes for the winner.

Free Online Photo Magazine
Free online photo magazine is a complete online photo magazine, which is free for its subscriber and online visitor. In Photo magazine, reader can find new articles and related photos. In every new issue, magazine contains articles on different topics like places and regions, art and culture, special occasions, natural beauty and environment, plants and wildlife, sports and adventure and other human and art related subjects. You will surely enjoy going through this magazine.

At last, for easygoing this site has been designed with more simplicity and accessibility. Fewer graphics has been used for faster browsing experience and is easy to read texts and have very simple navigation system.

We will upgrade each page to make it more easy to use and will add new contents in regular basis, so please keep on visiting Real Nepal. We value your comments and suggestions, and please write to us about what you think about this site and send if any changes you want in our website.

Thank You!

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